Simply our main objective is to ensure top quality fresh fruits and vegetables using our years of experience to reach world markets on time with perfect condition by using an efficient and effective packaging facility.

Who we are

We have carried out over a century of family farming heritage and established KOLTARIM in 1999. Our main objective is to supply a wide range of high quality agricultural products, grown in our own farms in central and southern Turkey, to domestic and international food and beverage markets. We currently operate in our head office in Tarsus along with our offices abroad.

Karaman Facilities

In our Karaman region establishment, which is located in central Turkey, we have meat and dairy milk production, apple varieties, wheat, barley, corn and lettuce varieties productions.

Tarsus Facilities

In our Tarsus region establishment our production varieties are as follows: citrus varieties, peaches, nectarines, pomegranate, plum, tomatoes, lettuce and other vegetable varieties, melon, watermelon, barley, wheat, corn and soy productions.


To reach the optimum quality we trace any fruit and vegetable grown in our farms and more importantly to safeguard our customers and the final consumer.

All our growing plantations periodically audited by our own quality control unit as well as external auditors.

We are committed to minimize the use chemical fertilizers, under the supervision of professional advisers and use of organic manure from approved sources, and on proper storage of fertilizers in order to avoid water contamination to keep the EU standards.

Our Certificates

Tomato - lettuce

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Nectarine Peach

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Global Gap All Products

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Good Agricultural Certification All Products

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Our services

We are raising two kinds of cattle in our Tarsus and Karaman ranches, one is raised for meat and to become beef and the other is dairy cow for milk production. All our cattles are registered with an ear tag to ensure the health& safety, and allowing to track the history of the calf.



Contact Us

Head Office:

Şahin Mah. Sait Polat Bulvarı No: 316 PK: 33400 Tarsus - MERSİN - TÜRKİYE

Phone: +90 324 616 3411

Fax: +90 324 616 3412

Отдел продаж: +90 542 4213230